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Complete Medium Hive - 8 Frame

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Our complete beehives are just what you need to get started or expand your apiary! You'll love our 8 frame medium hive. Medium boxes are much lighter to lift than the more common deep hive box, which can weigh up to 90 pounds when full of honey! Another benefit of these hives, is that both your brood boxes and supers are the same size, making things simpler to manage.

Includes the following:
1 - pine solid bottom board (assembled) screened bottom board option also available
2 - pine deep 6-5/8" medium super (unassembled)
16 - assembled wood frames with plastic double wax coated foundation
1 - inner cover (assembled)
1 - pine outer cover with aluminum top (assembled)

All components are made from quality pine lumber, and (except for the hive box) assembled with quality galvanized fasteners and Titebond 3 exterior grade wood glue.

Bottom Board Options:

Bottom Board Options