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Heated Bottling Tank

Sale price$1,099.00 Regular price$1,449.00

You've asked for it, and we've delivered! A high quality, competitively priced, heated water-jacketed honey bottling tank.

These tanks are simply beautiful, and they do a wonderful job heating and dispensing honey! They are a double-walled tank with an outer layer of water that is heated to the temperature you choose. The water surrounds the honey, heating the honey gently and evenly.

We have two models, a 19 gallon and a 32 gallon.

Both tanks come standard with our fantastic, stainless steel dripless bottling valve that offers, smooth, consistent, and precise operation!

These honey bottler tanks feature the same inner tank design as our "Max" series honey extractors. The tank floor slopes towards the drain, which is welded and flush-mounted inside for a complete honey drain. Additionally, the drain is mounted slightly below the tank floor, to make sure that all the honey gets out with minimal mess and fuss!

3 year warranty

Temp range - 80 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit


19 gallon - tank diameter 18" (about 24" wide when factoring in the heater controller) and about 32" tall

32 gallon - tank diameter 24" (about 32" wide when factoring in the heater controller) and about 32" tall

Please note: the 32 gallon model ships by truck freight (free shipping).