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Hive Alive Fondant Patty - Winter Feed

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We are so excited to have Hive Alive fondant patties in stock! Many beekeepers have asked us for a winter feeding patty option, and it doesn't get any better than this. These patties are made with a dosage of Hive Alive feeding supplement and additional vitamins and amino acids. Hive Alive is an internationally acclaimed product that's been proven to do the following:
  • Boost colony health and population
  • Increase honey production
  • Dramatically reduce Nosema spores, a common contributor to winter bee losses
Giving bees a winter sugar feed right above the cluster is vitally important to keeping them alive in the winter months. Don't feed your bees empty calories with plain old ordinary sugar. Help them thrive this winter with Hive Alive Fondant patties, the healthiest, most convenient winter feed available!
We sell this product in individual patties or cases of 15. Remember, all orders over $100 qualify for free shipping!
How much should I use? Great question, but it depends largely on weather conditions and colony strength. At a minimum, plan to feed 1-1.5 patties per month to each hive during the winter and early spring months.
Dara Scott, inventor of Hive Alive, discusses the benefits of the Hive Alive fondant patty and how to apply it in this video: