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Hive Butler Bee Vac

Sale price$209.00 Regular price$279.00

This is a one-time offering for the 2024 North American Honey Bee Expo!

We've taken the popular Hive Butler tote and custom-fitted it with a small vac head to make a lightweight bee vac that offers simplicity and versatility at a great price. 

This vac holds 10 deep or medium Langstroth frames just like a hive body does, and weighs less than 14 lbs! It comes with a 2nd ventilated lid to conveniently transport your bees back to the apiary with plenty of ventilation, ensuring they make it home in great shape.

Bee vacs need to strike the right balance of enough suction to draw bees into the container, without damaging them. Our bee vac does just that!

Comes without hose. The vac is set up for 2.5" hose, or you can adapt it to 1.25" (adapter not included).