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InstantVap Quick Clean Caps

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These quick clean caps clean your vaporizer bowl and tube of residue that can reduce the efficiency of your vaporizer and potentially burn out the heating element!

Pack of 3

Please watch the YouTube video below before use. Always wear long sleeves, heavy gloves and proper eyeware.

How to use:

- Make sure the appliance is not clogged!

- Wear suitable protective equipment: gloves and mask! Oxalic acid vapor still escapes during the cleaning! Caution, risk of burns!

- Switch off the appliance after use, but leave the battery connected.

- Wait until the appliance cools down to about 390°F.

- Remove the oxalic acid dispenser.

- Fill the silicone cap half full with distilled water, then turn the unit upside down and press the silicone cap firmly onto the dispenser tube.

- Keep the silicone cap firmly pressed down and turn the appliance upside down.

- Repeat the above.