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Professional Uncapping Tank

Sale price$559.00 Regular price$699.00

If you are investing in serious extracting equipment, you'll want this Professional Uncapping Tank. Made from quality stainless construction, it will perform nicely in any sideliner or light commercial extracting room!

  • A large grate catches all the cappings and drains the honey downwards

  • The v-shaped tank bottom funnels the honey towards the middle and down towards the honey gate

  • Welded stainless steel honey gate, flush welded inside for minimal draining obstruction

  • 4 caster wheels allow the tank to be maneuvered easily, and lock in place to keep the tank where you want it

  • A stainless steel lid keeps everything covered when not in use

We offer this uncapping tank in two sizes:

30" Model - Holds 18 frames - 30" long, 20" wide, 33" tall, weighs 48 pounds

40" Model - Holds 27 frames - 40" long, 20" wide, 33" tall, weighs 58 pounds