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Speed-Fill Bottle Filling Machine

Sale price$779.00

This product is a game-changer for beekeepers who are ready to speed up their bottle filling! 

Between our own staff and our customers, we've filled thousands of bottles through the Speed-Fill machine, and the feedback has been phenomenal. This little machine is more than up to the task, and will consistently, accurately, and quickly fill your honey bottles and jars at record speed!

The automatic fill mode cycles the machine every time you set an empty bottle on it, allowing you time to put a lid on the previous jar as the next one fills up. Maximum efficiency!

Four presets allow you to easily program the settings for your most popular jar sizes, so you can seamlessly switch between sizes without needing to re-program each time. 

The DC drive motor is controlled by a scale load cell, providing a clean shut-off and a consistent fill whether you're filling one bottle, or 1000!

We include a couple of hose fittings to give you options for attaching the suction hose to the bottom of a bucket or honey tank. Also included are replacement rubber filler nipples.

Backed by a fabulous 3 year warranty!