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Winter Moisture Board

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An important part of successfully overwintering your bees is moisture control. The bees form a cluster in the winter to keep warm, and they vibrate their bodies to create heat. That heat creates humidity, which rises to the top of the hive and forms condensation under the lid or inner cover. That condensation then rains back down on the bees, causing severe stress and possibly death.

Our winter moisture board is helpful in mitigating that problem. It's a simple, easy to use, 1/2" thick fiber board that absorbs the moisture before it rains back down on the bees.

This moisture board works especially well in conjunction with our Winter Feeding Shim!

We recommend you place it below the inner cover, and if you're using the shim, the fiber board is placed above the shim (see last picture for reference).

Available in 8 frame and 10 frame.