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Wooden Top Feeder - 5 Frame WAX DIPPED

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We have a limited number of 5 frame WAX DIPPED top feeders. These feeders have been boiled in wax for a durable, long-lasting finish that's much better than paint!

While supplies last!

I've always said that there is no perfect feeder. While that is still true, our wooden top feeder comes closer than most! Several outstanding features of this feeder include:

  • Virtually zero drowning of bees
  • Bees can access the full surface of the liquid, meaning they can process the feed faster
  • Unlike many other feeder types, this feeder is self contained; no empty super or hive body required
  • Easy to refill, with minimal bee disturbance
  • No robbing
  • High feed capacity: approx 1.5 gal (5 frame size)
  • Quality pine construction - seams are caulked to prevent leakage