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Complete Hive - 10 Frame

Sale price$120.59 Regular price$133.99

Our complete beehives are just what you need to get started or expand your apiary! This is the most widely used size of beehive. A simple, 10 frame Langstroth design which has been a mainstay of beekeeping for 150 years!

These complete hives now come with 3 bottom board options. The standard option is our fabulous Maxima plastic screened bottom board. This bottom board is well designed and includes a built-in mouse guard entrance reducer. It never rots and never needs painted!

Also available are the solid wood bottom board, or a screened wooden bottom board.

Includes the following:

1 - bottom board (select option at checkout)
1 - pine deep 9-5/8" hive body (assembled)
10 - assembled wood frames with plastic double wax coated foundation
1 - inner cover (assembled)
1 - Maxima plastic outer cover
1 - entrance reducer (reducer is built-in on the Maxima plastic bottom board)

All components are fully assembled and ready to use! If you opt for the standard Maxima bottom board option, the only thing you'll need to do is paint the box!

Bottom Board Options:

Bottom Board Options