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Dripless Honey Bottling Valve

Sale price$76.49

Our dripless honey valve is truly the "cat's meow" for bottling honey! The speed, accuracy, and smoothness of this valve is unmatched by any other design in the market.

You simply pull down on the handle, and honey comes out. Release the handle, and it stops, immediately! No more drips and wiping honey off the edge of your honey gate.

If you're bottling more than a few gallons of honey per year, this valve will dramatically increase your bottling speed and accuracy compared to a traditional honey gate, or even our previous "Perfection-style" valve.

This valve includes adapters to fit the following tanks:

  • All current HillCo honey tanks with the 1.5" female thread (thread actual diameter is about 1-3/8"). This includes the 5 gallon filtering tank, the 9, 18, and 36 gallon unheated tanks, and the 19 gallon and 32 gallon heated tanks.
  • 1st generation HillCo 18 gallon heated bottling tanks with 1" male NPT pipe thread, or any other tank with 1" male NPT thread.

2 year warranty!

See the attached product videos for more info!