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E9 Honey Extractor

Sale price$989.00 Regular price$1,159.00

The model E9 honey extractor is a fantastic model that's aimed at hobbyist and sideliner beekeepers who run primarily deep frames for honey. This machine allows you to extract 9 deep, medium, or shallow Langstroth frames radially, for greater efficiency.

  • Proven HillCo PowerMax drive system: an industrial grade motor, gearbox, and controller. This combination is smooth, quiet and durable. A great combination of simplicity and refinement, this drive system performs fabulously!
  • 21 gauge, type 304 food-grade stainless steel tank
  • Ez-Drain honey gate design: the honey drain valve is located slightly below the tank floor, giving you a complete, seamless honey drain. 
  • Features a HillCo-exclusive tank bottom that slopes towards the front, ensuring that all your honey flows smoothly towards the gate. No tipping the tank, no hassle, it just works!
  • Industry leading 3 year, no hassle warranty: covering EVERY single piece of the machine from top to bottom. We have engineered a quality product and we will stand behind it! 
  • As an additional note, most of the main components of this machine, including the motor, controller, gearbox, tank, and legs, are identical to our machines with the 4/10 year warranty. This is not a "cheaper" model in terms of design or components, the one and only reason that it carries the lower 3 year warranty is to help us attain a lower price point. 
  • Designed and assembled in USA by HillCo!

Other features/specs:

  • 1/4 horsepower PowerMax motor, 5:1 ratio worm-drive gearbox
  • Plugs into normal 110v household outlets
  • Extracts 9 deep/medium/shallow frames radially 
  • Grease-able lower bearing
  • Rubber feet to protect your floor
  • 5 gallon bucket and strainer fit below the honey gate
  • Tank diameter - 25"
  • Width (at widest point of legs) - 27"
  • Overall height - 52"
  • Machine weight - 90 lbs

This is a fantastic machine, and we know you'll love it!