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Formic Pro Varroa Mite Treatment - 30 Dose

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NOTE: Our current stock expires August 2025!

Formic Pro is an easy to apply, organic varroa mite treatment that safe for your bees and honey! This is a formic acid based product, and is one of the only mite treatments safe to use with honey supers on, and also kills mites that are under capped brood! With a 83-97% efficacy rate, this is a fantastic summertime mite treatment that's proven to work great!

A "dose" contains 2 strips, which will treat one hive. You can choose to treat with 2 strips for 14 days, or 1 strip for 10 days, and replace it with a second strip for another 10 days.
Please note that this product has a 24 month shelf life, so it's wise to only buy what you need for this season if possible.

Current stock expires: 08/25

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