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HillCo Bee Smoker - 7"

Sale price$25.99 Regular price$35.99

At last, a really high quality, durable bee smoker at a reasonable price! Knowing there are many cheap smokers on the market that might last one season (or less), we searched high and low for a heavy-duty smoker that is built to last, and we are excited to introduce our exclusive HillCo smoker! We've put this smoker to the test, and we believe it is one of the very best out there.
  • Real stainless steel construction
  • Durable, solid lid hinge
  • Strong pull tab on the lid
  • Thick, long-lasting bellows material
  • Quality bottom grate
  • Studs, nuts, and lock washers hold the bellows in place (instead of screws that can strip out after a few months)
  • 2 year warranty