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Hive Alive

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Hive Alive is a health supplement scientifically proven to deliver stronger colonies, increase honey production, keep disease levels low and improve over-winter success! While there are many quality honeybee health supplements on the market, Hive Alive is the only one we know of that has independent test studies that clearly demonstrate long term benefits, from internationally respected labs like Veto Pharma, the maker of ApiVar, ApiLife Var, and the Varroa Easy Check!

  • Natural Active Ingredients
  • Research-proven short-term and long-term effect on Nosema
  • Proven population increase
  • Effective in fighting both chalkbrood and European Foulbrood
  • Proven increase in honey production
  • No need to change normal feeding routine
  • Longer feeding window
  • Claims supported by large scale independent field trials]
For more info, we encourage you to check out the Hive Alive website!
We offer Hive Alive in two bottle sizes:
  • 100 mL - activates 10.5 gallons of syrup and feeds up to 10 colonies
  • 500 mL - activates 52.8 gallons of syrup and feeds up to 50 colonies
  • 2 Liter - activates 211 gallons of syrup to feed up to 200 colonies
For further usage instructions see this link: