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Hive Butler Uncapping Tank

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We believe the Hive Butler uncapping tank is the best hobbyist uncapping tank on the market! This uncapping tank is special because it combines the really cool features of the Hive Butler tote into a top notch uncapping tank. The upper tank can hold up to 9 uncapped frames, so you can keep uncapping while the extractor is running and have another batch ready to load. One of the best features of this uncapping setup, is that both boxes can hold 10 deep or medium frames each. After extracting, you can unstack the boxes and use the lower box and included lid for secure frame storage, safe from bees, bugs, wax moths, and mice. With the optional second lid, you can also use the upper box for storing frames, allowing you to store up to 20 frames in the off season.

With the optional vented lid, the lower box can double as a swarm collecting box, and many other uses! Check out the basic Hive Butler here for more info and other great uses!

Please watch the attached videos for more info about the versatility of the Hive Butler and Hive Butler Uncapping Tank! Very informative!

  • Heavy duty
  • Food grade
  • BPA Free
  • Made in USA
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