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Observation Hive

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An observation hive is a great way to teach about bees and beekeeping in schools, fairs, or bee events. Additionally, displaying live bees at your honey booth can increase customer interest, and therefore boost sales!

The box itself has 5 frames capacity, and an additional frame with the queen and brood is placed in the upper viewing area. This allows the bees plenty of space to work and move around, while keeping the queen and the "important stuff" easy to see!

Our observation hive is designed around a 5 frame nuc box. We've added handles to the box and offer an optional migratory lid, allowing you to use this as a normal 5 frame nuc box.  So, this investment can work for you year-around, whether you're displaying bees or not!

A handy entrance disk on the front allows you to easily close in the bees when needed, and the bottom is screened for extra ventilation. We also include a corrugated plastic bottom tray that slides below the screened bottom when needed.

Watch our video for more info. This observation hive is a fantastic value!