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The 5 frame ProNuc is one of the best inventions in modern beekeeping. It's a recyclable plastic tote designed to replace flimsy cardboard nucs for transporting bees safely and securely, and looks good doing it!

The ProNuc is designed to keep frames from sliding and banging in transit. With stops on the frame rest and retainers in the lid, it keeps frames in place without crushing bees, all while leaving space on either side.

  • Drain holes in the bottom lets any moisture out, and keep bees in.
  • The ends of the box have been lowered, no more digging frames out with a hive tool! The ends are exposed for easy removal. so no need to pry frames around.
  • Reversible lid to increase airflow
  • The plastic lid is molded to allow a 1 or 2 liter bottle to screw in for feeding