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Swarm Trap

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Why buy bees? Catch them for free with one of our high quality swarm traps! This swarm trap holds 5 frames and plenty of excess empty space below the frames to accommodate large swarms with the extra space that scout bees look for. Made of durable 3/8" exterior grade plywood, swarm traps come fully assembled and just need paint. Features of this swarm trap box include a stout built-in hanger bracket and a really handy entrance disk that allows you to quickly close off the entrance for transport. In addition, we've added eye hooks on the ends of the box so you can easily fasten the lid securely with a bungee strap.

We also offer a really nice optional hanger strap to go with our swarm boxes. This strap allows you to hang the swarm box around a tree of up to 22" diameter, with no nails or damage to the tree. The strap works with our built-in swarm box hanger bracket, is rated for outdoor use, and can hold up to 200 pounds!