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Uncapping Tank Caster Wheel Kit

Sale price$44.99 Regular price$49.99

We've received many requests for a caster wheel set to fit our previous version Professional Uncapping Tanks. I'm happy to say that we've finally got one!

These wheel brackets simply slip over the bottom of the legs and give you heavy duty, ball-bearing, lockable casters to make your uncapping tank a breeze to move around.

Additionally, the rear brackets are made taller to add 1/2" of height to the rear of the tank, helping the honey flow towards the drain. (The video says 3/8" of height difference, but it's actually 1/2").

The kit includes a set of 4 caster wheels with brackets.

These will only fit our 1st generation 30" and 40" flat-bottomed Professional Uncapping Tanks.