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Winter Quilt Box - 10 Frame

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Also known as a "hot box", this is a really solid overwintering accessory for your hives to help mitigate moisture, a major overwintering problem. As the bees cluster for warmth, they create humidity, which rises to the top of the hive and becomes condensation. If the condensation isn't absorbed by something, it can rain back down as cold water on the bees, causing severe stress or death. Our winter chip box has a large capacity for up to 5 pounds of wood chips, burlap, or other absorbing material (not included) to help absorb and dissipate the moisture out the top. The sides of the box are 1/4" shorter than the ends, which allows for moisture to dissipate out.

It also has a 1.5" cavity below, which is a great space for feeding winter sugar or early spring pollen patties. To top it all off, we add an entrance notch so the bees have that crucial upper entrance in the wintertime.

Comes assembled and ready to paint.