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Wood Frame with Premier Foundation - Double Beeswax Coated (assembled)

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We're excited to offer a line of high quality assembled frames with foundation! This is an excellent quality frame made to exacting standards and an impeccable assembly process. Every piece is glued, stapled, and inspected to ensure a durable frame that will stand the test of time. We pair this terrific frame with the equally awesome Platinum grade extra heavy waxed foundation from our friends at Premier Bee Products. Excellent quality all the way that both you and your bees will love!

Premier Bee foundation features truer-to-nature qualities that more closely mimic the natural comb. With more accurate cell dimensions and the highest quality wax, the Premier Foundation is both healthier for bees and more effective for their keepers. Win-win!

● Up to 10% more cells per sheet (compared to the industry-standard foundation)
● 100% pure, capping wax-only coating from A.H. Meyer & Sons
● More accurate cell dimensions, including thinner cell walls and deeper interiors
● Extremely durable and flexible for repeated installation
● Made entirely in the U.S.A.

Frame Sizes:

Frame Sizes

Foundation Colors:

Foundation Colors